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Wedding day

"I went to this salon for my wedding day. They did my hair from a picture I picked out and my make-up with a glow exactly what I wanted on my wedding day and it turned out great! The ladies were all nice and the atmosphere is great! I am going back for a massage and a haircut. It is very sad to see such a negative comment on here and I am figuring it is either the competition or an ex-employee. If it was so bad why did this individual keep going back? Just doesn't add up! Great job ladies!"



"I went to the Renaissance salon go get a haircut and it was the best haircut I ever have gotten. The staff was so friendly and welcoming when I got there. The stylist was so friendly and bubbly I had a great time. I even came back for a color and it was great and priced very reasonably."


My Hair Has Gotten Around!!

"I recently learned that LeAnne Tibesar has The Renaissance, paid a visit for a cut and color and was extremely satisfied with the entire experience. The cut & color was awesome and the company while I was there was fun, humorous, and I felt a sort of comradery between the staff that was good to see. Many years ago, 1986 to be exact - I was 16, I found myself in a little salon in the heights where I first met LeAnne, she did my hair - a cut & a big perm of course, she did a fabulous job as she has whenever I have sought her out over the years. My hair has been around town, I'm more of a "couple time a year" girl, so have been in and out of touch, have had a few girlfriends that would take care of me at their house or whatever. Then enters LeAnne again!! And she did not do my hair this last time, but the person that did was great and so was my hair when we were done. I guess the first thought that came to mind after reading the negative review posted was - the experience was horrible"

Back Again


"This salon is the most friendly staffed salon I have ever been to. The girls are down to earth and my current stylist there is completely amazing. She is always bubbly and smiling. I would recommend this salon to all my friends and family. They are prompt to get you in when you need. Some of the best acrylic nails I have seen have come from this salon also."

Miss Beautified

Great Experience

"I came to the salon sporting a disastrous "do"... victim of one of the local cosmetology schools. Felicia fixed my hair... and I mean "fixed" because it was seriously broken! I will definitely return to Renaissance! I had a perfect salon experience there! Thank you!!"

Miss Rose

Color me happy!

"I have always been satisfied with my hair after visiting the Renaissance! Kristina does my hair color and perming. I give her a description of what I want and she takes it from there. She definitely aims to please the customer! My daughters also go there and always enjoy their new look. I enjoy the pleasant surroundings and everyone is so friendly. They have some wonderful products also. The chick that posted the negative review probably wrote a bad check to go along with her bad review. Anyone who works closely with the public knows that you can't please some people no matter how hard you may try."

Donna Duck